Fully Funded Doctoral Fellowship in Canada, University of British Columbia 2019

University of British Columbia, Canada, invites applications for the 2019 doctoral fellowship which is awarded to attract and support outstanding domestic and international PhD students, and provide those students with stable, base-level funding for the first four years of their PhD studies and research.

The Four Year Doctoral Fellowship (4YF) program will ensure UBC’s best PhD, DMA, and MDPhD students are provided with financial support of at least $18,200 per year plus tuition for up to four years of their Doctoral studies. This program allows UBC to continue to attract and support outstanding domestic and international Doctoral students, and provide those students with stable, base-level funding for their Doctoral studies and research.

Program Period: Four Years.

Fully Funded Scholarship Coverage:

(Fully Funded)

Up to $18,000 stipend plus full tuition coverage for four years.

Eligibility for the Fully Funded Scholarship:

To be eligible for University of British Columbia Four Years Doctoral Fully Funded Fellowship Program, these points should be considered:

  • Four Year Fully Funded Fellowships may be held by domestic and international students. In general, the fellowships are offered to students beginning their first year of PhD studies, but may be offered to continuing PhD students.
  • 4YF funding may be offered for up to four years, but the duration of funding may be less in some circumstances (please refer to the 4YF Guidelines for details).
  •  In all cases, funding is subject to satisfactory academic progress.
  • Students holding the following Tri-Agency awards automatically become 4YF designates:  Vanier Scholarships, Doctoral Canada Graduate Scholarships (CGSD), CIHR Doctoral Research Awards, NSERC Doctoral Postgraduate Scholarships (PGSD), and SSHRC Doctoral Fellowships. Doctoral students who obtain Tri-Agency scholarships may be eligible for 4YF tuition coverage and will receive 4YF stipend and tuition support once their external scholarship funding ends, to the end of the fourth year of PhD studies.
  • Other major external scholarship winners who are selected as 4YF designates may be eligible for 4YF tuition coverage and will receive 4YF stipend and tuition support once their external scholarship funding ends, to the end of the fourth year of PhD studies.
  • Related UK Scholarship: Fully funded Chevening Partner Awards

Application Instructions:

Please visit official website link given at the end. However, here are important steps to avail this scholarship:

  • To be considered for Four Year Fellowship funding, students submit an application for admission to the appropriate graduate program at UBC.
  • All PhD applicants offered admission are automatically considered for 4YF funding.
  • Each graduate program is allocated a number of Four Year Fellowships each year. Graduate programs review their incoming and continuing students and offer Four Year Fellowships to their very best students, with priority given to incoming students.
  • Graduate programs notify the Faculty of Graduate Studies which students have been chosen to receive a Four Year Fellowship by submitting a signed University Award Recommendation Form, listing award number 6456.
  • It is not necessary to list an award amount.
  • Recommendation forms should be submitted at least eight weeks before the requested 4YF start date.

To know more about University of British Columbia (UBC) Doctoral Fellowship Canada 2019, please visit the official website:

Official Scholarship Website


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    Nesse citando de uma vaga ou interessado para estudar em Canadá nó cursos de ciências de computação.

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