How to write a Persuasive Recommendation Letter For Students (Example & Tips)

Students need a persuasive, high-quality recommendation letter in order to stand out from the sea of applicants. The right recommendation letter can be used to apply for a scholarship, internship, and a variety of different opportunities. So you can easily see how vital it is to write such a letter, and results can be extraordinary.

So, always make your recommendation letter from a professor who might know you very well and you know them very well. Before starting about How to write a letter of the Recommendation letter for a student, first you people need to have a clear and good concept about a Recommendation letter and How to Write a Letter of Recommendation.

A recommendation letter or letter of recommendation, also known as a letter of reference, reference letter, is a document in which the writer/teacher/professor/Boss assesses the qualities, characteristics, motivations, and interests of a student.

With that in mind, here you have a few tips and ideas to help you write a great recommendation letter.

How to write a Persuasive Recommendation Letter For Students (Example & Tips)

What format should you follow?

When you write a recommendation letter, you always want to stick to a simple, easy to follow format like the one below:

  • First, you want to have an introduction and the statement of recommendation. Here you will talk about who you are recommending and then present yourself.


“I am delighted to recommend AAA for the VR developer position for your company.

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My name is Alex, I’ve been a Java developer for more than 10 years and I helped companies like Apple, Google and Telekom with a variety of professional solutions. I worked with AAA and I’ve been impressed with his attention to detail, outstanding character and professionalism.”

  • The next paragraph needs to show the reasons why you are recommending that person on a certain position.


“While working with AAA, he showed a lot of talent in the technical field, including great knowledge in fields like Java, Python, R coding and many others. He has a very strong data analysis and programming skills, and he is one of those persons eager to learn and improve their skills at all times, regardless of how much work they need to do”

  • Continue with a personal story that showcases the person’s skills. It’s a good idea to focus on the hard and soft skills as well. You can have more than a paragraph here, as needed.

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“I had the pleasure to work with AAA as soon as he was hired. He was assigned to our team to help us with some Python programming for our current project. He blew us away with how much knowledge he had working with Python, and he was eager to learn new things from us. As soon as our clients received the projects, they appreciated our work, and AAA’s work stood out as being very professional and dependable.”

  • Finalize with a closing statement that showcases your contact information.


“If you want more specific examples or information regarding AAA and my experience with him, don’t hesitate and send me an email or get in touch via my phone number. I can elaborate more about AAA’s skills and experience I had working with him.”

  • Share your signature at the end



Alex BBB

Java Programmer”

How can you write a great recommendation letter for students?

It’s important to make sure that you ask the student for academic information. It will help tailor your letter to the job/program that they are applying for. You need to know who you need to address the letter to, as that is very important and you must know exactly how and when to address the letter wisely.

Make sure that you introduce yourself and your qualifications and talk about the relationship you have with the student that you are recommending. When you talk about the student qualifications, don’t hesitate to share examples. Tailoring the letter for a specific job is crucial here, because you will bring in a very professional allure, and that alone can really make a huge difference. We also recommend you to take your time and prevent any rush here.

Should you share a character reference?

That depends on the situation, but a character reference can actually help most of the time. If the student is applying for a very specific internship, a character reference is actually the ideal thing to have. You must focus on understanding all the challenges and ensure that everything is tackle accordingly and in a professional manner.


A recommendation letter can be very helpful for a student that wants to apply for a job, a scholarship or even an internship. However, writing one can seem rather difficult without the best guidance. Thankfully, it all comes down to sticking to that format and adapting accordingly. Focus on what makes the student a great pick for the program and share as many examples as you can.

Make sure that you don’t share any idea that might look like you’re biased. Stay objective and back up every claim with examples. That will show your recommendation letter is legit and the target audience will take it into account a lot more than you imagine!

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